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AAIU Launches Sanitary Pads Making in Pallisa Schools

AAIU Launches Sanitary Pads Making

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AAIU Launches Sanitary Pads Making in Pallisa Schools

Making of reusable sanitary pads
Joyce Amuron

AAIU Launches Sanitary Pads Making in Pallisa Schools Joyce Amuron- Communications Intern AAIU on 26th June 2019 during the belated commemoration of the day of the African child launched the making of reusable sanitary pads using local materials. The event took place in Akuoro primary school Gogonyo sub county in Pallisa district Ms. Gimbo Harriet the Programs and Policy Director explained that the funds to support the cause was raised through a strategy called solidarity fundraising; Money from Ugandan well-wishers AAIU staff and board members which amounted to 20 million. ‘That money is from individuals, majority from AAIU staff because we thought we need to give back to the community.  AAIU selected some of the schools in Pallisa in order to support a menstrual hygiene program. These included Akuoro primary school, Ajepet primary school, Kachonga primary school, and Buseta primary school this was done in order to support the retention of a girl child in schools.  “One of the things AAIU has done is to choose schools in Pallisa to be able to support menstrual hygiene and the interest is to support the retention of a girl child in school” she added She highlighted that lack of sanitary pads is one of the issues that hinder girls from completing their studies. Twenty‐one girls have managed to make three hundred pads in Akuoro primary school and there is a capacity to make up to two thousand pads to ensure the girls stay in school. Mr Opurusi highlighted one of causes of absenteeism and school dropout among the girls being lack of sanitary pads and he called upon the community not to discriminate any child and pay attention to the girl child who have challenges with completing school because of monthly menstrual messes. “ He affirmed that sub county has budgeted and planned for making of sanitary pads for the girls this financial year 2019‐2020 and these pads are distributed to the girl child in schools. The sanitary pads are handmade with quality materials that lasts for a long period of time. The pads require powder detergent like OMO for washing then put under sun shine for drying and can then be stored for resusing.