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The story of Amono Evaline ,34

Amono Evaline is 34 years old, she has been married for 20 years now. Evaline has 10 children with her husband.  She lives in Abongo village in Okunggedi parish, Amuru sub-county in Amuru district.

 In 2013, her husband abandoned her with all the children after series of fights, family neglect and got a second wife with whom he went to stay in a place called Apaa. For four years, he never reached her home nor provided them with any support. One day as she listened to a radio program on Gulu FM organized by ActionAid Amuru GBV shelter, she learnt that ActionAid supports persons faced with Gender Based Violence in Amuru district. The next day she visited the shelter and reported her case.

“When I went to ActionAid Amuru, I was warmly welcomed, and my complaint was documented. I was counselled and given information on options available to me. Knowing how hard  headed my husband is, I informed the shelter staff that he would not respond to mediation summons but may respond to police summons.

My case was referred to police for further management. Unfortunately, the police took their time to handle my case which forced me to return to the shelter again from where a letter for mediation was written to my husband scheduled to take place from the community (our home).  Surprisingly my husband responded and the mediation took place.