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With the increasing number of complex and protracted emergencies, more people than ever are vulnerable and need humanitarian support.

Natural disasters, crises, conflicts and pandemics have a disproportionate effect on women and children living in extreme poverty. They increase the likelihood of women and children's human rights violations.

To address this, we focus on cultivating women's leadership in emergencies. This is a central pillar of our human rights-based approach. We empower women, helping them to play an active role in humanitarian responses.


Latest on Emergencies


Women's rights

Across the world, women and girls work in unsafe conditions, doing precarious jobs and are also at the risk of violence.
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Democratic governance

Representative and inclusive democracies and equal societies are important for a just world, but civic space is shrinking, and regressive taxation is keeping people in poverty.
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Land & Climate

Land and Climate Change

The loss of rights to natural resources creates misery that is being compounded by Climate Change. This has especially affected women who form the bulk of the population employed in agriculture in Uganda.
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Drophine displays her fresh Tomato harvest.