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Young people

SHEA and Safeguarding Policies

ActionAid’s SHEA and Safeguarding approaches.


ActionAid is committed to working with others to end injustice and eradicate poverty, and to build a world which upholds the rights and dignity of all. We recognize that to work with integrity we must ‘walk the talk’ and ensure that anyone who comes into contact with ActionAid is protected from any form of injustice, discrimination, or abuse.


SHEA and Safeguarding incidents are rooted in an imbalance of power, particularly gendered and sexualized abuses of power. ActionAid views any form of sexual violence as a gross violation of human rights. We will not tolerate our staff or other representatives  carrying out any form of sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse towards anyone we come into contact with through our work. 

ActionAid is committed to working with complainants and survivors to ensure they are central to any response, are not further harmed or disempowered by any processes, and receive support throughout. We are committed to working with marginalized and oppressed groups, recognizing the impact of sexual violence on people living in poverty and people of different ethnicities, religions, race, class and abilities. 

For information on our SHEA and Safeguarding policies, please download attachments.