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Empowering young people for self-employment in Lira District.

Young people

A total of 25 young people from 4 tailoring groups in Amach and Agali Sub county In Lira District received 25 sewing machines, 2 embroidery, 4 Over lock machines, 25 meter sticks, 25 scissors, 25 tape measures, 4 cutting tables and 25 Aprons under the Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Self-employment and National Development (YESSEN) project that was being implemented in the five districts of Lira, Amuru, Pader, and Nwoya in Northern Uganda and Kotido in North-Eastern Uganda supported by European Union and PennyAppeal.

The purpose of the project was to empower the youth with employable skills under the 3 models: Community Resilience to Climate change, Apprenticeship [CRSA] and CRSA Clubs across the districts.

The items were handed over in a ceremony that was attended by the Sub county leaders who included the LCIII Chairperson, Community Development Officer [CDO], Parish chiefs of Agali and Amach sub counties who also participated in the identification of the beneficiaries that were trained by the local artisans and first beneficiaries.

The leaders appreciated ActionAid for the continuous support to the young people and called upon the young people to change their mindset and become good and learning example to the community.

Mr Ochen Stephen the CDO Amach Sub county said that the first beneficiaries of the project had progressed, and the sub county has registered success in the project. He said the businesses for the young people have grown and the income of the group members has improved.

The chairman Local Council III Mr Adoko Bernard appreciated ActionAid for implementing the YESSEN Project in Lira district because it has complemented government programs and testified that AAIU is among the best performing organizations in the sub county because of transparency and their success is visible. He promised that the sub county will continue supporting the groups through other government programs and pledged to continue monitoring the groups since AAIU has no staff on ground and requested the CDO to support the groups register with the sub county at a free cost.

And finally, he appealed to the youth not to disappoint the leaders and AAIU but instead use the resources provided to them well so others can learn and continue supporting other youth by training them in tailoring.

Young people

 ‘I would like to appreciate ActionAid for the support they have rendered to us, this is a rare opportunity for us. The sewing machines have come at the right time when we are entering the festive season and we therefore expect to make a lot of money that will help us run our business.’ Says Akello Juliet(beneficiary)

‘This has is a dream come true for me and am so grateful to ActionAid for the support and to the first beneficiaries who trained us. I will work so hard to ensure that my life changes and support other young people by training them to be like me. I want to become the best designer in Agali Sub county’. Says Akullu Daphine a beneficiary.