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Anti-Corruption Marathon Rallies Citizens to Fight Corruption

CSO staff participate in the Anti-Corruption Marathon

By Andrew Onapito

On 3 December, ActionAid International Uganda (AAIU) held the annual Anti-Corruption Marathon in Bukwo district as one of the national events to mark the Anti-Corruption Week. The purpose of the marathon was to rally citizens to own the fight against corruption. The one day's event featured three categories of race. These included 3, 5, 10, 15, and 21 kilometers. 
Following the races, the citizens, led by Activista representatives, presented an issue paper highlighting the district's service delivery gaps. They raised issues on corruption, poor service delivery in health, education, the road sector, and whistle-blower protection.
Indeed, the Chief Administrative Officer of Bukwo noted that rampant corruption in the district needs to be addressed. 
"Corruption has manifested itself in our district in so many ways, and it is affecting service delivery. We see it in the manner and performance of services," said Lolwor Jimmy, CAO of Bukwo District.
There was excitement when staff from CSO, anti-corruption state actors, and district leaders participated in an 800m race to show solidarity in the fight against corruption. 
AAIU's Country Director, Xavier Ejoyi, while illustrating the significance of Athletics in the fight against corruption, reiterated the organization's resolve in the war against corruption.
"Athletics is an essential promoter in the fight against corruption. It is a sport that exemplifies endurance and the discipline required to fight corruption. We are determined to fight against corruption and have no apologies," said Ejoyi.
The event attracted high-profile athletes, whom gold medalist Moses Kapsiro represented. In his remarks, he called upon the government to honor its pledges towards athletes. He also asked AAIU to sensitize the community in Bukwo about corruption and climate change. 
Toward the end of the event, the area MP, the RDC, and representatives from the IGG's office responded to the concerns raised by the citizens. The event ended with the winners receiving their cash prizes.